There are no rules!  Only the “man-made” ones that humans have constructed for one another.  Not saying you should go out and break the law, but I think that its important to live life without always thinking about rules as to what you should and shouldn’t do.  This is especially true in music…don’t follow formulas and don’t be afraid to create freely with no limitations…remember, if it sounds good, it is good!


Innovation is one of the number one things to strive for in music in my opinion. Because if it sounds like something else that’s already out there then what’s the point? It already exists!

The Journey

An artist never reaches a place where they are fully satisfied with their craft. It’s a lifelong process and constant evolution. This process and evolution becomes the journey that the artist must traverse in order to achieve his or her goals. The goals, hopes and dreams of an artist are the destination, and the artist’s idea of what his or her ideal destination is will change and shift over the course of time. I believe that in order to achieve happiness and satisfaction with ones life as an artist it is paramount to embrace and enjoy the journey – not just focus solely on the destination.