Antonio Sanchez solo on “Jíbaro”

This is a transcription that I did my first year studying at Indiana University.  Antonio has always been one of my favorite drummers because of his unique approach, feel and phrasing on the kit.  This transcription is from the Miguel Zenón album “Jíbaro.”  The solo starts at minute 5:25.

A couple notes on playing this transcription:

This solo is over some ensemble hits (transcribed in the first 8 bars) that continue throughout the solo.

Antonio often uses a technique where he plays a muted stroke on the snare drum by resting his left hand on the snare while hitting with his right.  I used a special notehead to represent these muted notes (first seen in beat 3 of measure 1).

One really cool part of this solo is the use of 4 over 3 rhythms (4 quarter notes in the space of 3 quarter notes)  Make sure to listen carefully to get the feel and phrasing of these rhythms.

Also note the use of the left foot cowbell/hi hat ostinato starting in measure 41.   This is my favorite part of the solo as it adds a very cool percussion texture with only one foot that adds forward momentum and drives the solo whiles he shreds on top of it.  In order to be able to play this part of the solo I would recommend practicing the cowbell/hi hat ostinato over a metronome which playing exercises from books like “Stick Control” or “The New Breed” with the hands, and then with the right foot.  Try playing these exercises with right hand only, left hand only, double stops, and alternate sticking off the right and the left.  Practice playing over the ostinato with different rudiments as well.  In this way you can begin to develop independence from what your feet are doing, freeing up your hands to solo over the ostinato pattern.  This part is very hard at first so have patience and start slow!  Happy practicing!


High quality PDF link: Antonio Sanchez Solo on Jibaro

Antonio Sanchez Solo on Jibaro Antonio Sanchez Solo on Jibaro 2